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Things to Do in Sonoma County in Winter

Avoid the summer tourist crowds and come to wine country during winter. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Sonoma County in January, February and March, including travel advice and tips.

Napa and Sonoma Sparkling Wine Tastings with Food

Everything is better with bubbles. Enjoy the marriage of food and wine at a Napa and Sonoma sparkling wine tasting to truly enjoy this culinary art. These seven wineries and businesses have created unique experiences with bubbly lovers in mind.

Winter in the Vineyards: What Happens When Grapevines Sleep

Mid-winter dormancy--a stage in the vineyards when time seems to stand still. Learn about the anatomy of a grapevine during its winter dormancy period, and what happens while grapevines are sleeping at Jordan Winery.

Six Sonoma Wineries That Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Rival Their Wine

Olives tend to grow well in the same places as wine grapes, and winemakers from some of the top Sonoma wineries are producing some exceptional pure, artisan olive oils on par with the quality of their wines. Discover six Sonoma wineries that also make delicious extra virgin olive oil.

A Weekend in Wine Country: Stay Overnight at Sonoma Wineries

Several Sonoma wineries make overnight stays available to visitors, and though some offer the perk only to their wine club members, others open their front doors to all those interested. Here are 12 Sonoma wineries with lodging.