The symbiotic relationship between food and wine has always been a guiding philosophy at Jordan. One of the greatest pleasures of running a culinary-focused winery is that the dining table carries the same clout as the corner office. Major business decisions get made at—and literally around—the dining table.

It’s only fitting that this year’s edition of Wine Country Table explores the definition of the dining room in wine country —and how we’re reimagining classic dining inside and also taking the dining experience outdoors.

Inside this “Destination Dining” issue of Jordan’s Wine Country Table, you’ll go behind the scenes with our chef’s most ambitious creative project to date—a jaw-dropping transformation of the Jordan dining room, which debuted in 2019. He’ll also take you on a journey to a few of our favorite vistas at Jordan Estate and along the Sonoma Coast for the ultimate wine country picnic. Our hospitality director shares ideas for creating travel souvenirs and tablescapes to grace your vacation dinner table. Be sure to bookmark all of their tips.

You’ll also find stories about some of the local artisans we’ve partnered with to bring new elements to the dining experience at Jordan, from a Healdsburg salumeria that created a custom cured meat to pair with Jordan wines to a ceramic making husband-wife team who harvested clay from Jordan’s garden for our Estate Tour & Tasting serving plates—the most meaningful expression of terroir we can offer our guests beyond the glass.

This exciting new chapter in Jordan’s culinary hospitality means Jordan Estate Rewards is creating new ways for our customers to enjoy dining at Jordan, with highlights in Estate Rewards. Our unique loyalty program allows customers to accrue points for access to exclusive food and wine experiences and luxury lodging at Jordan Estate.

With all this talk about food, I’m thirsty for a taste of the new 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon—the first red wine in Jordan history to be aged entirely in French oak barrels. Discover the story behind this pivotal progression in “Au Revoir, American Oak”. You’re always welcome at our table. Thank you for taking Jordan home to yours.


John Jordan, CEO

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Winemaker’s Remarks

There’s sensory overload at the hopper—the winemaker breathes in the heavenly scents while the grower driving the truck is smiling with confidence that he will be able to pay his bills for another year. It’s a good day for both “tank and bank.”

Vintages that combine quantity and quality are very rare, but as we rack and blend our 2018 wines into French oak barrels, I can say that I have nothing but great news about 2018. It’s a vintage of phenomenal flavor and personality that we can’t wait to share with you in the coming years.

My vintage report dives into the four factors that sculpted 2018 into an incredible year for both chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. Mother Nature hosted quite the party last year.

After a fun-filled harvest, 2019 arrives just in time for the release of the 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon—a wine I have dreamed of making since John Jordan took the reins in 2005. It is truly the culmination of our relentless effort to make every vintage better than the last by fine-tuning our vineyard selections, blends and barrel-aging regime. The 2015 Jordan is the fourth in a string of simply incredible vintages. I’ve called 2012-2013-2014 the best trio of cabernet years in a century. For the first time in 43 years of winemaking, Jordan has a quartet of consecutive vintages that sing like none before.

Our latest magnum offering hails from the phenomenal 2013 harvest—another vintage that defied the odds after the incredible 2012 vintage.

The 2013 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon channels the Pauillac style in Bordeaux, combining concentrated, dark fruit with a firm but velvety structure and a backbone of acidity that makes this a great wine for aging in large format bottles.

The 2017 Jordan Chardonnay also makes its debut—a vibrant wine that has dazzled us with its fruit intensity and bright acidity, defying the odds in a vintage defined by record-breaking rain, sustained heat and horrific wind that intensified fires across the North Coast. Russian River Valley, historically noted for its apple industry, is now better remembered for the apple fruit the wine imbiber “bites” into with a glass of our Jordan Chardonnay: vivid, mouth-watering and refreshing. Read more about all of these new releases.

2019 marks the 14th year of John Jordan’s impact on Jordan Winery. Akin to an Olympic high jumper, John continues to raise the bar for all of us. After resting up from my 43rd harvest, I can honestly say that the winemakers I work alongside are continually motivated to exceed what we have achieved in the past. The energy that flows through our team is magnetic. I invite you to walk the steps to our winery and dance to our beat.

I would love to hear your thoughts on our newest vintages. Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page or send me an email to rdavis@jordanwinery.com.


Rob Davis, Winemaker

Your Jordan Table

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